Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What's In My Bag July '13

I thought I would do a quick what's in my bag post, I have seen many of these before and I have always found them interesting so I thought I would contain the contents of my hand bag with you.

Bag - Buy here

 This is my bag, it's perfect size as its not to big so you don't carry too much around with you, it's not to small either. I love this bag

Its has a across body function but you can also carry it on your arm or shoulder.

Inside - messy

It has a zip pocket inside which is perfect size for storing what I do

Contents of main section
Purse - River island
Iphone 4s
EOS lip balm
Revlon make up bag
Asthma inhaler (ICE)
Head phones
House keys
Chewing gum

This was in the side pocket on the outside of my bag
Vaseline rosy lips

Inside of purse

Contents of make up bag -
I normally carry this around for emergency touch ups, most of this make up is make up that I have spare of or need to use up.

Contents of inside zip pocket
womens essentials
sample perfume
hair grips
body spray
lip crayon

I know my bag looks very clean but a couple of days before I did have a massive clear out, I will also be doing a what's in my make up bag later on this month. Items are bound to change as I don't always use the same make up.

thanks for taking the time to read this month many thanks 

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