Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites

Before I start this post, where has July gone!! This year is wizzing by.
I have a few July favourites, but to be totally honest with you I haven't really used any different products because all of the products I do use are brilliant for me.

These are a few of the nail polishes I have been loving this month, they are all super bright and colourful. I love to wear bright colours especially in summer. I know there are a lot of shades, but I have generally been loving them all and couldn't choose just one.
Top to bottom
Collection - 59 Look At Me
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 305 Green Berry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Prickly Pear (i think)
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 303 Pomegranate

Schwarzkopf got2be Beach matt
I love this product I have really long hair and when I don't have a lot of time you can just spray this in your hair whether it's wet or dry it works. I love this it gives you beachy waves, it makes your waves look really defined and tousled. Its such a quick effortless way to make your hair look LOVELY!!

Garnier eye roll on, not sure on shade.
I have had this product for ages, but I totally forgot I had it. You may think that the way I use this product is very weird. But instead of using this as a under eye roll on I use this as a light foundation. Because the weather has been so lovely I haven't wanted to wear a huge amount of make up especially foundation as it just makes you feel like your about to melt even more. This product is so unbelievable light on the skin. It still covers up those nasty red blemishes though! I love this soo much and no doubt I will continue to love it until the end of summer.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in shade 103 True Ivory
I love this, i use this as a under eye concealer and sometimes on the odd blemish or two. This had light to medium coverage and its perfect for those no make up make up days. It makes you looks super awake and makes you under eyes look a lot brighter.

EOS Lip Balm In Strawberry Sorbet
This product has been my life saver this month, as I have said it has been super warm. I still get really dehydrated lips and this has saved me, I believe it contains a SPF of either 8-15 I'm not 100% but Its lovely It tastes good smells good and does a good job. Couldn't be any better if you ask me.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Glossy Box July

So I know that this is being posted at the end of the month so I did contemplate not posting it, but then I thought that I would just post it anyway.
This has probably been my most exciting box so far, the box is amazing and wonderfully designed and all the products are just perfect for summer!

This box excites me a lot, its so simply designed but because it was out of the ordinary I loved it!
This box goes perfectly with my room so it will defiantly be displayed

1 - Anatomicals Spray misty for me facial spritz
I have to admit I have been using this, In the UK we have been having some lovely weather. When its hot and sweaty this is perfect, Its so cooling and it smells like lavender. Its a  perfect relaxing cooling face mist. PERFECT for summer. I'm so glad that this was in my glossy box total life saver.
You can buy this product here for £6.00

2 - Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
This is another product which is perfect for summer, If you have just got out of the shower, sea or pool you can simply spray this into your hair and it will give you those 'beachy waves look' I love this product as I naturally have a slight wave to my hair and this just enhances the curl making them look a lot more defined.
You can buy this product here for £23.00

3 - Essie Sleek Sticks (05 a to zebra)
I'm not sure how I feel about these nail strips, I have used them before and loved them. But now I'm just not too excited about the idea of putting stickers on my nails. If I ever use them I am likely to do a blogpost on them and how I got on with them.
You can buy them here for £9.99

4 - Sleek Pout Paint (pink is shade rosette) (white is shade cloud 9)
I love these, they are basically lip stains. It does say that a little goes along way, they are extremely pigmented which makes them show a lot of colour with a very small amount of product. When I first got the white shade, I was very confused as I defiantly wasn't going to wear a white lip stain then it clicked. Mixing them both together to create a light shade of pink. I am very excited to make my own little mixture.
You can buy these here for £4.99

5- Coola Organic Suncare Collection 
The is not much really to say about this sunscreen, Its got a SPF of 20 and the producer recommends that you apply this every 2 hours.
You can buy this here for £29.99

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Monday, 29 July 2013


So over the weekend was my brothers 21st birthday, he didn't want anything big so we as a family we all went out for a meal to celebrate it. As I was going out and dressing nicely I thought I would do a outfit of the night.

I went for a really simple look, I didn't want to dress up too much as it wasn't that sort of evening it was a very casual night.

Dress - H&M - £12.99
Shoes - Primark £3.50

I love this outfit you could wear this to a smart event and dress it up more with a pair of heels. You could also wear it to the beach or casually shopping or something. This dress is very handy!

Nail colour OPI - You Don't Know Jacques! 

Star fish ring - H&M £3.99
Heart ring on little finger - Ring was a gift
Two layered ring I bought from Camden market a couple of months ago!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Brilliant products at very low prices

so I have always gone to pound land to have a rummage through their beauty products. When I first saw that Poundland sold beauty and hair care I was very apprehensions to try. But then I thought what have a got to lose other than maybe a pound. I went to Poundland a couple of weeks ago and bought a few bits and didn't even think about making a blog post. But then I read a post on HannahNhearts blog about what she got from Poundland and she managed to find OPI nail polishes which thought was amazing. So I went in this weekend and this is what I picked up even if I didn't manage to find the nail polishes. If your not aware of the store Poundland it's basically a store that sells a lot on random items all for £1.

I am very happy with all of my purchases and altogether my shopping in Poundland came to £7

 Derma V10 - Tinted eye roll on (medium) 
 Milani Curl - Curling mascara (black)
 Pantene Pro-v - Nature fusion strengthening serum
 Herbal Essences  - Tousle me softly 
Soft waves intensive mask 
For naturally wavy hair
Kleenex  - Facial Cloths   Cotton Touch 
 Batiste dry shampoo - Floral and fruity blush
Milani  - Sunset duo, Blush and Bronzer (05 sunset breeze)

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Saturday, 27 July 2013


First of I would like to apoligise as I have been away from my blog for a while, I have had a lot going on and I haven't been totally focused on my blog. But as I have the next  10 days of work. I have a lot more posts coming up, I will be trying to post everyday. But anyway I will get on and start with my OOTD.


Top - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - H&M
Nail Polish - Topshop Carnival
Star Fish ring - H&M
Rose Gold and mixed metal rings - Stall on Camden Market
Necklace  -  Topshop
Bracelets and anklets - Hand made and Pandora

Dress - George (ASDA)
Shoes - Old shoes, no brand shown

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sleek blush review

So If you have been reading my posts for a while you will know that about a month ago I bought my first EVER sleek product it was a blush. I have always heard brilliant things about sleek blushes but I just never seemed to actually go out and buy one. I took the plunge and bought one as I am so glad that  I did because I love it. 

So basically I bought a single blush in Pixie Pink 936 In person its a bright neon pink, it looks pretty daunting because it's so bright and when I bought it I was a little scared. As I wasn't 100% how I was going to use it, but when you get a brush to it, it totally changes the colour. This colour looks so cute on your cheeks, over all this is a great blush. This is so pigmented and the colour shows really well, but obviously not as bright as it is in pallet.
If you haven't ever bought a sleek product then you defiantly should they are sold in Superdrug and its priced so well. I will definitely be buying and reviewing many more products from the sleek brand. Ill be sure to keep you posted.

This is a swatch buy this was swatched with my finger so the colour is quite packed.

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Fashion wishlist July

Trying to put together a wish list takes a lot of time, not because there is a lot to do. But because whilst I'm trying to find the products and their pictures online I get carried away and start shopping. I have basically done this little series of wish lists because I have put myself on a little spending ban. I need to save money and my out goings are mostly clothes and beauty related products. So basically I'm making a shopping list for myself even though some of these products are out of my price range for the time being.
All images used are from websites that sell products.

So I know I have many variations in this wishlist, I have some more high end expensive products and some that aren't expensive at all. 
Starting from top row left to right then to bottom row left to right.

1 - Maxi Dress from BooHoo in Navy - I have been looking for a maxi/midi dress for ages but tried them on and I feel like they don't give me any shape at all. That might sound totally strange because they are aimed to be very flattering on most figures. Any way getting to the point all the maxi dresses I have tried on just hang funny on me, this looks wonderful its £10.00 which is sooo cheap and I can't wait until my spending ban is over so I can purchase this.

2 - Kate spade wallet  - (Brightspot avenue stacy) colour Big smoke 
I was drawn to this purse as soon as I saw it, on the outside it looks quite plain, but when you open it it's a bright neon yellow its just amazing. This wallet is expensive as its by the designer kate spade. But I love the brand and I can't wait until I have saved up enough so that I can treat myself. $128.00 haven't converted this into English pounds yet sorry.

3 - Jack wills redbrook leggings
I have been lusting after these for months last time I went onto the Jack Wills website they were on sale and I put them in my shopping basket got distracted completely forgot about them. When  I went back a couple of weeks later they were out of the sale and back up to full price again. This annoyed me so I now refuse to buy them at full price even if it is only £7ish more. I went back to create this wish list and they are in the sale again so HOPEFULLY even though I'm on a spending ban I will buy them this time. I love them they are a brilliant product for those late cold evenings after a BBQ or even to carry on wearing through Autumn/Winter. Currently on sale for £14

4 - Havaianas - Top mix colour pool green
There is not much I can say about these products they are FlipFlops great for summer, for the beach, chilling by the pool. General wear they are perfect. I love the colours they are brilliant and could easily liven up an outfit. £20

5 - Cambridge Satchel (the classic satchel 14")
I have always been In love with satchels, but they are so expensive yes you can buy one that is a look a like but I don't think that there is anything better than the real thing I just adore them. The only downside to this beautiful bag is the price. This bag costs £129.00 which isn't too bad in comparison to other designer bags but at this moment in time it probably isn't an ideal investment.

You can look at all products in closer detail here
Maxi dress
Cambridge Satchel

I hope you enjoyed reading this post
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Thursday, 11 July 2013

My favourite Topshop nail polish shades Summer '13 edition

So I am aware that my posts have been lacking the usual spark within the last few days, like I mentioned in my last post I have been working loads and the weather has been amazing. But anyway who wants to hear me go on about how I haven't posted every time I do post. 

This post is going to be a short review on my Top shop summer shades.
I have never thought that it was a good idea to buy Top Shop's polishes because I didn't think that they would be any good. But I was pleasantly surprised they are wonderful, I'm the type of person that changes my polish at least twice a week so to be totally honest I wouldn't be able to tell you the lasting power. I can say that they don't chip very easily they probably chip about the same as Barry M nail polishes.

High Voltage                                        Carnival

    Awol                                            Beach Shack

I love all of these colour they are all super bright and brilliant summer shades, they are all glossy shades. The only thing I noticed is when I was painting my friend Zara's nails outside, I noticed that Carnival (orange) was slightly shimmery. I love that though Its a lovely amount of shimmer and it doesn't ruin the product.

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