Saturday, 25 April 2015

My evening skincare routine

I have been trying to perfect my skin routine for along time and now I feel like I have found the products that work best for my skin. I am very happy with this routine so I thought I would share this to give you all an insight to what works for me.

Skin type : Oily / Combination (mainly oily)

Step one: Firstly I take off my make up, I use the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (which Is amazing) to get them majority of my make up off. Taking a small amount and massaging it all over my face, even my eye area working in circular motions to lift of all the dirt and make up. I then go over this with a warm muslin cloth or flannel (whatever is to hand).

Step two: This might sound strange but I then cleanse again with the Clinique liquid face facesoap. I splash my face with warm water, squeeze a pea sized amount into my finger tips and then again massage this into my skin. The reason I do this twice is because I feel this works best for my skin. Because I am so oily I like to know that my skin is completely clear of any dirt or excess oils. I then rinse this off.

Step three: I then after patting my face dry, I apply my Kiehl's Creamy eye treatment. Although I have oily skin, I get very dry under eyes, I also have eczema which on very rare occasions flares up on my eye lids and underneaths of my eyes. This really help, I place a small amount underneath each eye dabbing with my ring finger. This product is amazing. 

Step four: Finally I will apply my moisturiser I am currently using the Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel, which I have found to be really good for my skin. I feel like it soaks in to my skin almost straight away. I only use this at night as I feel it doesn't really help a lot with my oily skin In the day.

Step five: I occasionally use some of the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream on my lips if i remember! 

If you would like to see how I change this up for my morning skincare routine then leave a comment to let me know.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

OOTD : Afternoon beach walk

Today me and Dan took his dog for a walk on Wells  beach, here are a few pictures of my outfit.
Jeans - Primark
All the clothes listed have links to buy online apart from Primark,
I will putting another post up very soon with some more pictures from our day out.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Lush Haul

I was in Norwich on Saturday running errands, walked past lush so I thought I would pop in, I my stash had recently run out! (worst day EVER!) So I ran in and picked up a few bits. A few are old favourites but many are new ones. Most of which I have used now so I will be able to give a little review on some. They didn't last long, I have come to the realisation that I use bath bombs too quickly so you might be seeing another haul sooner than you think.

This is a bath bomb called Space Girl, i was very excited about this when I saw it in store, I think it might be the aesthetics which made me pick this up. But I just loved the way it looked and smelt (I can't remember what they smelt like now). When I put it in the bath not a lot happened it obviously fizzed away and left some colour in the bath but it wasn't what I was expecting at all! I probably should have read the label on the bag because it states that 'it doesn't do anything exciting it just makes bath time more fun' well they had me fooled. 

As I picked all these up before Easter I managed to pick up some of the Easter collections as well, I really liked this one it was simple but smelt amazing, this is called Hoppity Poppity and as you can probably tell by the name this contained popping candy, at first I wasn't really sure what was happening, I thought there was something wrong with the bath tub. Good job there wasn't really. Other than the popping candy this didn't really do anything, but I did smell amazing, it was like a menthol fresh smell, really relaxing.

This is rose bubble bar, I don't really have much of an opinion on this one, maybe if there was more of a scent and there were more bubbles it would have been better. But just wasn't amazing. Unless I really didn't have the right technique.
You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt, this has to be one of my all time favourites, I have repurchased this for years. I love fruity refreshing bath products and this is just amazing, it leaves your skin lovely and soft when you get out of the bath and its full of fragrant scents.

I cannot for the life of my remember what this was called, the only thing I remember is having some wilted soggy flowers floating around the bath with my after the bomb was all out of fizz. I mean some people might like that and find it romantic or relaxing, I just didn't like the idea of a plant floating around me, I also don't remember much of the scent of the bath bomb so it couldn't have been amazing.

Honey bee this was incredible, it smelt amazing! It smelt how you would expect it to, it was  very subtle. A really good thing about this bath bomb is that it smelt lovely and it also didn't leave marks in the bath. I would definatly buy this again.

Dragons Egg was the one is was most excited about, when i was instore they did a demonstration of them letting go dragons egg, it filled the store with an amazing scent and you could see the thick layer of foam! It fills the room with a citrusy lemon scent. The only problem I found is that when I got home my dragons egg was in half broke right down the middle. Still great though the bath changed to many different colours before staying orange and having a slight gold shimmer.
This was okay, not really a lot to say about it other that it stained my Emma Hardie cleansing cloth, which is annoying. It is very bright and a fun bath bomb


Friday, 17 April 2015

My iPhone Captured March

I literally can't believe how fast this year has gone, I have thrown together another post of the pictures I have taken over the last month because the last post I did seemed to be a big hit!

Anna and I
Hands down my favourite chocolate of the moment
A lovely bike ride in high lodge with Kirstie and Dan, corrggh did by bum hurt the next day though
My cousins came to my house for the weekend and we got up to lots of exciting things, like visiting the park and going out for a lovely meal
I can't believe how quickly my nephew has grown up Zachary will be 6 months this month, where is the time going


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