Monday, 23 June 2014

My I phone captured June

So as I haven't posted in a while I thought I would make a short post contain some of this months adventures in photo form. 

Had a small get together with a few friends, ate a lot of BBQ food and then ate a light refreshing watermelon wedge.

Evening walk at Wells, beautiful seaside town with some beautiful sights.   
A eventful weekend in London for my sisters birthday we ate a shed load of Spanish tapas, went to the tower bridge and had a night out in Clapham..

Picnic on Clapham common, lots of sun and good food.


An amazing meal at Carluccio's for fathers day, great food and my favourite fizzy drink ever! 

Poor car broke down :( (its fixed now yaay!)
Chilled Sunday night, toasting marshmallows on the fire pit.

Although June isn't over I thought I would put together a quick post, to give me a step back into posting.

Thanks very much for reading.
What have you been up to this month?
Lots of love