Thursday, 19 February 2015


Last month me and my boyfriend (Dan) went to paris for the weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday, I have to say it was amazing we flew Friday morning. Arrived in paris went straight to the hotel dumped our bags and hopped on the Metro to the Notre Dame. The Notre Dame was an incredible place, cruised around and eyed up the magnificant stained glass windows and the amazing murals. We then took a walk along the river towards the Louvre, passing the 'love lock' bridge which was beautiful. It was a little disappointing to see that a lot of the panels were covered in wood to prevent more padlocks being mounted but many were still visible. 
We arrived at the Louvre around lunchtime, took some pictures of the outside and then took a stroll around the many galleries and exhibitions seeing some truly wonderful works of art. We then walked out of the Louvre and I found a Sephora, i dragged Dan around got my eyebrows waxed and dabbled in a huge selection of beauty brands.

We then thought we would walk back towards the Notre Dame to a restaurant recommended to us by my sister called Esmeralda's unfortunatly after the walk back there, it was closed. So we made a very silly decision to take a walk back to our hotel, 'it was only two stops on the metro it can't be that far' well let me tell you, it took us bloody hours. Not only were our feet killing us because we woke up at 2 am english time to catch the flight and walked around all night. It was now about 10pm Paris time and we were half was through what seemed like an endless walk! Then it started to rain, we couldn't be happier when we saw our hotel. Went in changed our clothes then headed out for some dinner. We were starving, so we popped to a lovely restaurant which i can't remember the name of. 
Our hotel was located extremely close the the Eiffel Tower so it was amazing at night, after we ate we went back to the hotel.

Day Two.
We got up early and dragged ourselves down to breakfast in the hotel we then rush back upstairs to finish off getting ready to head out for the day. We then jumped on the metro to the Sacré-Cœur. Which was beautiful I don't think I realised or even thought about how amazing it would be. Well I was well and truly surprised. The views were beautiful the building was amazing and the atmosphere was electric. There were families, couples and friends all relaxing and chatting on the steps looking over the city. We then took a walk around the cobbled streets. Tried to work out the map to work out where the nearest Metro station was. Walked around lost for about 5 minutes and then found it. 
We then arrived at Arc De Triomphe which was amazing, apart from the million stairs that we had to climb to get onto the roof. Its so worth the climb, I just wasn't expecting the amount of stairs. It was amazing the one thing I don't understand is how do Parisians drive, there horns seem to be their indicators and they just seem to drive until they are about to crash then emergency stop. Maybe there is an art to it but just seemed very chaotic.
Dan booked tickets online for us both to go up the eiffel tower at 16.30 so we went back over to the hotel grabbed the tickets and took the short walk towards the eiffel tower, which to me seems much bigger than I could ever imagine. It was beautiful the views the energy and the atmosphere. Everything was great I could continue to carry on about how brilliant it all was but Im just going to add the pictures so you will be able to see for yourself.


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Friday, 13 February 2015

My time away

I have been away for sometime now and I have been hoping to get tapping away at the key board a little sooner but too many obstacles and excuses.
I thought to get back in the swing of things I would upload some photos of my memories and journey throught out the last few months.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting pictures of the exciting things I have been up to. Including Christmas, Paris and my 21st Birthday

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