Thursday, 3 December 2015

Homemade festive chocolates

Me and my Mum decided that we would make some festive chocolates, she loves baking and creating new things. Probably where I get it from, so tonight we took it upon ourselves to make some delicious delights.

We only used cheap chocolate, as we haven't done this with the different ingredients before, so we bought a fair few bars of tesco value chocolate. I am fully aware that these won't have the best flavour but as we were adding a number of various different flavours  so we didn't see the problem. 
Morello Cherries
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
You can add anything you want to your chocolate but this is just what we added.
Zest one orange
Zest one lemon
Dice cherries
I did all this at the beginning to be prepared.
Then over a pan of boiling water we placed a bowl and melted down the chocolate, when it was all melted we filled the moulds half way and added the desired ingredients, after adding this we would then fill the mould to the top with the rest of the chocolate and place into the freezer for a short time. 
We left ours in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes, but obviously you can adjust the time if needed. You can also place them into the fridge to set if preferred.
We removed them from the freezer and popped them out of their moulds, as we used silicon moulds this was very easy.
You can decorate the chocolates if desired or leave them as they are.

I couldn't believe how easy these were to make and such a beautiful homemade christmas gift to receive. It was also such a lovely thing to be able to do with my mum. My favourite were by far the chocolate orange they were amazing, as were the others.
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My top 5 make up brushes

I have been wanting to do this post for a while now, as I really wanted to share my thoughts with you all.
From left to right
one - realTECHniques Contour brush
Like all of these brushes I use this every day, I use this to apply my contour and highlight. I love the shape of this brush as it is small enough to fit in the groves of your face. But big enough to distribute the product evenly. This brush is a real winner for me, I bought this as part of the Core Collection. You can buy this at Boots by following this link.
two - realTECHniques Expert face brush
Obviously I love this also, however I can't find anything else that does the same job, I feel like this is so consistent in being excellent when blending and applying foundation. I don't feel like it hold onto too much product either which is brilliant. I feel like it will be very hard for me to find anything that matches the quality of finish this leaves me which every day. You can also pick this product up in boots, I will leave the link here for you to have a browse.
three - Sephora Classic crease shadow brush
I bought this brush when I was in Paris in January, every time I apply any type of eye shadow. I use this brush for blending as Its easy to get into my crease to distribute all the product. Although last time I washed it I didn't dry it properly so it looks a little bedraggled. You can buy this online from Sephora though this link.
four - realTECHniques blush brush
I think that this was one of the first make up brushes I ever bought It was a few years ago now, but I don't remember ever disliking this product. I used to use it for applying blusher for the past few months I have been using it to apply bronzer, as I feel it is the right size for my face. The bronzing brush I had before seemed stupidly large. This just allows me to focus on a certain area for application. You can pick this product up also on boots by following this link.
five - Avon
I'm not sure of the name of this brush as it has rubbed of the side of the brush, but I bought it from Avon, I believe it was to be used as a liner brush. But I love it for doing my brows, it is the perfect size and is flexible when using brow wax or powder. I love this brush, as you can imagine it was cheap from Avon but does a fantastic job. I can't find any links to this product online but if you have a Avon book you may be able to find it. 

Thank you so much for reading.