Thursday, 3 December 2015

Homemade festive chocolates

Me and my Mum decided that we would make some festive chocolates, she loves baking and creating new things. Probably where I get it from, so tonight we took it upon ourselves to make some delicious delights.

We only used cheap chocolate, as we haven't done this with the different ingredients before, so we bought a fair few bars of tesco value chocolate. I am fully aware that these won't have the best flavour but as we were adding a number of various different flavours  so we didn't see the problem. 
Morello Cherries
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
You can add anything you want to your chocolate but this is just what we added.
Zest one orange
Zest one lemon
Dice cherries
I did all this at the beginning to be prepared.
Then over a pan of boiling water we placed a bowl and melted down the chocolate, when it was all melted we filled the moulds half way and added the desired ingredients, after adding this we would then fill the mould to the top with the rest of the chocolate and place into the freezer for a short time. 
We left ours in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes, but obviously you can adjust the time if needed. You can also place them into the fridge to set if preferred.
We removed them from the freezer and popped them out of their moulds, as we used silicon moulds this was very easy.
You can decorate the chocolates if desired or leave them as they are.

I couldn't believe how easy these were to make and such a beautiful homemade christmas gift to receive. It was also such a lovely thing to be able to do with my mum. My favourite were by far the chocolate orange they were amazing, as were the others.
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