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I am fully aware I have been off the blogging radar for over a year, however I used to absolutely love blogging, writing and photography, so this year I have made it my goal to get back into it. Not a resolution because who even sticks to them..

So 2016 was one hell of a year, so I thought i would share some of my favourite photos and memories from the year with you. I am hoping to post at least once a month from today, obviously I am aiming for more but Im setting myself a little target. Anyway I am boring you with this so here are some of my moments.

To begin the year me, my boyfriend (Dan), Anna and Josh, moved into a lovely house in the centre of Norwich. It couldn't have been more perfect, the house is lovely we and nearly a year on we are all still the best of friends.

A week after we moved in, we held a moving in/my birthday/ Annas birthday party! It was great we invited lots of friends it was a great way to start off the time in our house.

We had many a night out and night in, way too many drinks, games of monopoly in which lasted hours. We also went through a phase where we bought a Playstation 2 and we were obsessed with  SingStar.

Days out with my beautiful nephew and boyfriend.

In April my incredible sister ran the London Marathon, so me and Dan head off to drive down to London however 20 miles into our journey I made the shocking realisation that I forgot to fill up with petrol. After bickering about me wrong and I should have stopped at the last petrol station. Anna and josh came to the rescue with a jerry can. 
The next day was very emotional, charley got ready and left early to make it to the starting point and then we met her at the 3 mile check point. We then began to make our way around London, tracking her on our phones and trying to see her at as many check points as possible. At every checkpoint we saw her, we were very lucky every moment was emotional. The cheering and the chanting and even the occasional tear, we followed charley around as she ran for such an incredible cause. We were the most emotional at the last check point before the finish line, I believe it was mile 24 and oh my word, the sheer emotion was like nothing I have ever felt before. Watching other runners in agony but powering through, I have never seen anything so moving. We were all oozing with pride.

On the 30th of April Arabella Jane, was welcomed to the world Dan's brothers baby girl. I will remember the moment forever, walking out of the hospital my ovaries were aching! I have never been so broody in my entire life. 

In May me, my dad, step mum, stepsisters flew to malaga for a short break, unfortunately due to my annual leave I was only able to go for 3 nights however it was so nice, It was so relaxing. It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with all my family being in the same place at the same time. 

At the end of May me, Anna and Sophie drove to the O2 to watch Busted, we had such a great evening.

Me, Dan and Josh went canoeing on the Norfolk Broads, it was a great afternoon. However i wasn't quite aware how much effort actually went into canoeing...
We arrived at a pub and had a quick drink then it was time to get back onto the canoe before out time slot ran out. I have never been so happy to see dry land at the end of this.

6th of August was Dans birthday, I planned a day of activities for us and all of our friends. As Dan really enjoyed canoeing the weekend before I thought we would go to the Waffle House for breakfast, then drove back to Salhouse Broad for another afternoon of canoeing. However this time there were eight of us so it was a little different. Also quite stressful to ensure we all didn't collide but also stayed out of the way of boats... this was proving quite difficult at the beginning. Then in the evening we had an evening of activities at home, we had a BBQ played beer pong, gender games, mr and mrs and had a few drinks.

A couple of days later, Me and Dan packed the car up and drove to Cornwall for a little holiday, we stayed at 3 different hotels as we wanted to see as much as we could before we had to come back to norfolk. So we spent a night in Looe  two nights in Newquay and a night in Poole Dorset. We had a great time, We love Cornwall since we went in 2015. 

At the end of August I went to London to spend the weekend with my Dad, Step mum, step sisters and their partners for my Step mums birthday. We had a lovely time, we went for drinks in Richmond  drove through richmond park looking for deer and then Saturday night we went out in Wimbledon Village for a few drinks. 

My Auntie came to visit us before my cousins went back to school, we took a day trip to the beach which was really lovely. We had fish and chips on the quay and took the tiny train back to the car park.

On the 4th of October my nephew Jacob was welcomed into the world! As you can see this was a year of beautiful babies and a year of me feeling incredibly broody. Jacob made Zachary a big brother and he is an amazing big brother!

Halloween, we decided to throw a Halloween party we all obviously dressed up and made sure everyone we invited dressed up too. Me, Anna and Sophie got a little too distracted in hosting the party, we accidentally left buying an outfit until the last minute. In the end we bought some cheerleader outfits from Wilkos and went as Zombie Cheerleaders. We had a great night everyone's outfits were amazing!
Also I thought I would show you a picture of my Nephew dressed up because, he looks so cute!
Bonfire night we took a walk into the centre of Norwich to watch the fireworks, they are let off from the castle they are always great. 
Christmas I had an amazing Christmas this year, since we were now in our own place we bought a real tree, four of us drove to Homebase to pick out a tree. Four people trying to pick out a tree was hard enough, let alone trying to fit a Christmas tree in the back of a Ford Fiesta with four people. Dan bought me a M&S beauty advent calendar which was amazing.  I had the best Christmas, I spent the day with my mum and then we had Christmas as a 'house' a couple of days later.

New year, we spent the new year at home. We had a few of our closest friends round. We decided to stay in as, all in all we couldn't remember the last time we spent a new year in the comfort of our own home all together. We had a Casino night, we played a variety of different games, roulette, exploding kittens (card game) and blackjack.

2017 Is going to be very different to this year, Me and Dan are actually moving home with my Mum to start saving for a mortgage, its a big step in our lives and very scary. We would love to stay living with friends for another couple of years but we both really want to buy somewhere so in order to do so we need to make some sacrifices. 

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