Friday, 12 July 2013

Fashion wishlist July

Trying to put together a wish list takes a lot of time, not because there is a lot to do. But because whilst I'm trying to find the products and their pictures online I get carried away and start shopping. I have basically done this little series of wish lists because I have put myself on a little spending ban. I need to save money and my out goings are mostly clothes and beauty related products. So basically I'm making a shopping list for myself even though some of these products are out of my price range for the time being.
All images used are from websites that sell products.

So I know I have many variations in this wishlist, I have some more high end expensive products and some that aren't expensive at all. 
Starting from top row left to right then to bottom row left to right.

1 - Maxi Dress from BooHoo in Navy - I have been looking for a maxi/midi dress for ages but tried them on and I feel like they don't give me any shape at all. That might sound totally strange because they are aimed to be very flattering on most figures. Any way getting to the point all the maxi dresses I have tried on just hang funny on me, this looks wonderful its £10.00 which is sooo cheap and I can't wait until my spending ban is over so I can purchase this.

2 - Kate spade wallet  - (Brightspot avenue stacy) colour Big smoke 
I was drawn to this purse as soon as I saw it, on the outside it looks quite plain, but when you open it it's a bright neon yellow its just amazing. This wallet is expensive as its by the designer kate spade. But I love the brand and I can't wait until I have saved up enough so that I can treat myself. $128.00 haven't converted this into English pounds yet sorry.

3 - Jack wills redbrook leggings
I have been lusting after these for months last time I went onto the Jack Wills website they were on sale and I put them in my shopping basket got distracted completely forgot about them. When  I went back a couple of weeks later they were out of the sale and back up to full price again. This annoyed me so I now refuse to buy them at full price even if it is only £7ish more. I went back to create this wish list and they are in the sale again so HOPEFULLY even though I'm on a spending ban I will buy them this time. I love them they are a brilliant product for those late cold evenings after a BBQ or even to carry on wearing through Autumn/Winter. Currently on sale for £14

4 - Havaianas - Top mix colour pool green
There is not much I can say about these products they are FlipFlops great for summer, for the beach, chilling by the pool. General wear they are perfect. I love the colours they are brilliant and could easily liven up an outfit. £20

5 - Cambridge Satchel (the classic satchel 14")
I have always been In love with satchels, but they are so expensive yes you can buy one that is a look a like but I don't think that there is anything better than the real thing I just adore them. The only downside to this beautiful bag is the price. This bag costs £129.00 which isn't too bad in comparison to other designer bags but at this moment in time it probably isn't an ideal investment.

You can look at all products in closer detail here
Maxi dress
Cambridge Satchel

I hope you enjoyed reading this post
Many thanks 
lots of love

p.s don't forget to leave a comment about some of you wished for fashion bits and bobs. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Cambridge satchel!

    1. I really want one, I WILL save haha. Do you own one? xx

    2. I don't at the moment, but I did just find one on ( for only $40 (About 25 English pounds)! So sometime in the near future I'm definitely going to buy it!

    3. I'm so sorry I didn't reply honey, I remember clicking on the link and I got engrossed in the world of shopping online and forgot to reply. lots of love jade xx