Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Glossy Box July

So I know that this is being posted at the end of the month so I did contemplate not posting it, but then I thought that I would just post it anyway.
This has probably been my most exciting box so far, the box is amazing and wonderfully designed and all the products are just perfect for summer!

This box excites me a lot, its so simply designed but because it was out of the ordinary I loved it!
This box goes perfectly with my room so it will defiantly be displayed

1 - Anatomicals Spray misty for me facial spritz
I have to admit I have been using this, In the UK we have been having some lovely weather. When its hot and sweaty this is perfect, Its so cooling and it smells like lavender. Its a  perfect relaxing cooling face mist. PERFECT for summer. I'm so glad that this was in my glossy box total life saver.
You can buy this product here for £6.00

2 - Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
This is another product which is perfect for summer, If you have just got out of the shower, sea or pool you can simply spray this into your hair and it will give you those 'beachy waves look' I love this product as I naturally have a slight wave to my hair and this just enhances the curl making them look a lot more defined.
You can buy this product here for £23.00

3 - Essie Sleek Sticks (05 a to zebra)
I'm not sure how I feel about these nail strips, I have used them before and loved them. But now I'm just not too excited about the idea of putting stickers on my nails. If I ever use them I am likely to do a blogpost on them and how I got on with them.
You can buy them here for £9.99

4 - Sleek Pout Paint (pink is shade rosette) (white is shade cloud 9)
I love these, they are basically lip stains. It does say that a little goes along way, they are extremely pigmented which makes them show a lot of colour with a very small amount of product. When I first got the white shade, I was very confused as I defiantly wasn't going to wear a white lip stain then it clicked. Mixing them both together to create a light shade of pink. I am very excited to make my own little mixture.
You can buy these here for £4.99

5- Coola Organic Suncare Collection 
The is not much really to say about this sunscreen, Its got a SPF of 20 and the producer recommends that you apply this every 2 hours.
You can buy this here for £29.99

Thanks very much for reading
Lot's of Love

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