Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My beauty wish list

I have been waiting to do a beauty wish list for a while, but I thought that with all the editing involved it would take a long time to do. I have to say this is a very quick post, much quicker than photographing everything.
I do apologise for not posting last night I have been really busy with work recently and studying but I am working on getting posts scheduled so that I can't fall behind through out the month.

Products will be listed left to right top to bottom.

1 - MAC lipstick in shade Impassioned 
You are probably not going to believe your eyes when you hear this but I don't own a mac lipstick, there are many reasons behind this. The main one is that In the past I haven't felt confident enough to wear a bold lip. But recently I think 'Just say yes' this sounds very silly. This 'quote' was inspired by Zoe Sugg who is a youtuber and was one of the first youtubers that inspired me to start up my blog. Anyway I will discuss this more very soon but I'm running of the track. This colour looks perfect for me I haven't been into store to see it but I saw it online and have been lusting after it ever since. Brilliant summer/autumn shade. £15.00

2 - BOBBI BROWN - EXTRA eye repair cream
I have recently over the last couple of month been having problems with my eyes, on my right eye my eye lid gets super dry and irritated, on my left underneath gets super irritated as well its super dry and causing me a real problem. I was looking around the wonderful Internet for some amazing formula to sort me out once and for all. I have been using Sudocrem as its meant to help really dry skin but it isn't a long term solution.

3 - Benefit Hoola Bronzer powder
I have been keen to buy this product for the last couple of weeks, I have seen it used by youtubers as a bronzer many a time, but as I love my Benefit products I know that I can trust the brand to help me out yet again. 

4 - DIORSKIN healthy glow booster blush -Petal 001
I haven't heard much about this blush but the bits I have read about it seems very good. It claims to work with the moisture levels in your skin to create a perfect all day lasting blush. The colour in the pallet is beautiful. I just can't wait to hopefully treat myself and get this in my makeup collection.

This is basically a cleansing water which is a massive product and has brilliant reviews. The only annoying this is, that its sold in France so the only place you can buy it from is France you can buy it but only online, where it is overpriced compared to the prices in France. I just love this apparently it works as a brilliant make up remover. 

6 - Benefit The POREfessional PRO balm primer 
Yet again this is a product that I have heard a lot about, I also had a tester and thought it was amazing. I love a good primer and I can't wait to get this beauty in to my beauty collection.

That was a few of my beauty products that I would love, thank you for reading lot's of love

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