Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glossy Box Unboxing May '13

2nd anniversary box

So basically the time of the month came again, guess what arrived. You guessed right it was my glossy box, yaaay! But it wasn't any old glossy box this month, it was the 2 year anniversary box. To be totally honest, I did think that this box would contain a lot more than it did. As it was the 2nd anniversary box I expected big things. Bigger or even higher end products. But overall its still a good box and I did enjoy all products that were in it this month.

So this is what the box looked like when it arrived. The packaging is yet again lovely, its simple but effective. The only thing different about this box, is that you got a free pack of 'Glossy Box' nail files. Which is rather exciting!

Products in this box:
L'Occitane - Hydration Cream
Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes Mascara
Beautiful Movements - Prime & Create
Headline Colours - in shade Belladonna
Caudalie - Divine Oil (Body, Hair and Face)
Packet of Glossy Box Nail Files

 This is the L'Occitane Hydration Cream, this claims to instantly and lastingly moisturise and revitalize the skin. I haven't heard much about this product but I have the brand. If this products does enough to my skin I will come back and review it on here as well. You can pick up this product online at

This nail polish is easy and simple, it is easy to apply and simple to give you that pop of colour that your outfit may need. It would work better if you were to give your clean nails two coats. This will ensure that the colour is completely opaque. You can buy this product online at
This primer is relatively new on the market, it claims to give your skin a matte shine free base for make up application. You can mix this with products such as, foundations to make a airbrushed effect, blushes and bronzers to create cream products. You can buy this product at
 These nail files came with the Glossy Box, my guess is, is that they are the 'Thank you' From the company.
This mascara claims to be long lasting and feather light. It also claims to be water-resistant. To me the mascara wand looks a little cheap and tacky. It just doesn't look like it will do much to my lashes the bristles are spaced quite far apart. But I guess I will see what its like when using it.  You can buy this product at

This product has to be the one that gives me the most excitement. You can use this in many ways. You can put this in your hot bath, you can use it on you nails, hair, face, body, you can also use this as a massage oil. You can buy this product at

Basically although when I first got this box I was a little disappointed with the con tense I have grown to realise that the con tense it quite good, I am looking forward to trying all of there products out even if they don't work for me at least I'll know. You can order your Glossy Box on

Thank you for reading
Lot's of love

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