Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ombre nails spring/summer

DIY : Ombre nail tutorial

I did this ombre on my nails last night and I have had a request to do a blog post about them, its pretty simple when you know what you're doing.

You will need the following products:
3 nail colour shades for the 'ombre' part
a shade of white for base coat
Top coat of your choice
sponge (any sponge will do, make up sponge, car washing sponge or a sponge that you was dishes with.)
Nail varnish remover

Before you start you will have to take the sponge and cut it so that it is about the right size, to fit onto all nails. You will also have to make sure that you have selected 3 colours for you're ombre, you can choose two but I would recommend that you use three as it will make the ombre flow better. If you were to use two you will be able to see a line between the two colours. Also you may want to either put a coating of Vaseline on the skin around your nails, this will help with the clean up afterwards. If you don't use Vaseline you could also use masking tape on the skin this will also help to protect the skin around your nails and make the clean up quicker.

Step one - I first took some nail polish remover just to remove my old colour and to ensure that my nails were completely natural.

Step Two - I then put two coats of collection 2000 5 day wear manicure white on my nails, you don't have to do this step but you will find that putting white under this will help the colours pop, you will find this with any bright nail polish. (make sure you let this dry completely before moving onto step three.)

Step Three - This is the exciting bit, you will need to take the sponge that you cut at the beginning  with this you will need to take the three nail colours that you choose. With this you will need to start by applying the colour that you want near your cuticle on to the end of the sponge (I applied my yellow here) after this i applied the light pink next to the yellow. You will then need to apply the darker shade you have chosen next to the middle shade. I applied these all in a straight line but how you do this doesn't matter.

Step Four - After you have let the polish soak into the sponge for about 10 seconds, you will be ready to go. You will need to place the sponge on your nails dabbing it as you go, the first layer will look pretty weird and not really ombre at all. For the better ombre look you will need to do a lot of coats on each finger. You will need to keep reapplying the polish to the sponge as and when you need it.

Step five - When you are satisfied that your ombre looks how you expected and you are happy with it, You will need to apply a top coat this will just keep the ombre on your nails longer. Also will prevent the ombre chipping.

Step six - This step is only relevant to you if you used masking tape to protect the skin, you will need to remove this tape before all polish dries to prevent the tape damaging you beautiful nails.

The products i used to create my ombre nails were
Top shop - Beach shack (yellow)
Top shop - High voltage (hot pink)
Avon speed dry - asap pink (light pink)
Top coat - Sally Hansen quick dry
Base coat - Collection 2000 5 day wear - manicure white
Car sponge
Masking tape

 Then you will need to sit back and admire your work

 Thank you for reading
Lot's of love

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