Friday, 10 May 2013

Glossy Box Unboxing April '13

So today was an exciting day I got home from work, as I approached my front door there was a package. This months Glossy Box had arrived, for such a small box it holds a lot of excitement for me. I love receiving a Glossy Box it feels like a present even though it isn't but you get the gist, unwrapping and the not knowing what's inside. 
When my box arrived it looked like this.
Personally I think this looks beautiful but that's probably because I have a crazy obsession with floral patterns and prints. The packaging is amazing beautiful design, sleek look and feel, very feminine. Then i took the lid of, wow because this wasn't expected...(this is my sarcastic side creeping in sorry)
 the inside is beautifully wrapped, this is what I mean't about it feeling like a present, well it does for me anyway.
 This is what my Glossy Box looked like when I completely opened it. It contained 5 products, lip products, nail products, perfume, body butter and facial skincare products.
 This is a product by 'Dermalogica' it is a Daily Microfoliant, this product claims to gently exfoliate the skin for ultimate smoothness and brightening. You would use this product after cleansing by dispensing the powdered formula onto wet hands, with this you will then create a creamy paste and then smooth onto skin. Moving your hands around your face in circular motions exfoliating away all the dead skin cells. I can't wait to use this product. If buying this product full size it will cost you £40.30 for a 75g size.

 This is a nail polish made by a company called Essie, you can buy their polishes in UK drug stores such as Boots or Superdrug. The colour of this nail polish is Penny Talk. I can't wait to put this on my nails, as in the bottle it looks like such a lovely colour. Even the name is cute, i have heard a lot about Essie nail polishes but i have not yet purchased one as i thought that they were quite expensive compared to other brands. Normally i would sway towards buying a Models Own nail polish just because they are £5.00 where as Essie Nail polishes are £7.99. I guess i will make up my mind after i have tried this polish.

This is a perfume by 'YVES ROCHER FRANCE' its called So Elixir Purple. The packaging of this product is very simple, but effective and easy on the eye. This perfume is described to as, 'Reveal your seductive power with an incredibly feminine, floral-woody elixir.' This sent it lovely it smells like a wonderful spring scent, its florally to me it just smells like a tiny bottle of spring. This product is £44 for a 50ml bottle.
 This product is my favourite in the box, its 'Nip + Fab' Coconut latte, dry skin fixing body butter. Oh my this smells amazing I would be quite happy just to smell this all the time. It smells obviously like coconuts, but with a slight twist and I can't quite work out what the twist is. The product claims to repair dry skin and give your skin a 24hr boost because it contains the ingredient 'Aquaxl' This product's aim it to fix all your dry skin problems. You would apply this product all over you body after a shower or bath onto towel dried skin. I cannot wait to use this product!!! I'm super excited about this!

This last product is something that i have never really heard anything about before, this is the 'Lipcote' Lipstick sealer. You would normally wear this product over you favourite lipstick. It claims that it lasts for hours. But obviously I personally haven't put this product to the test yet. You would apply you lipstick, pat it with tissue reapply the lipstick pat with a tissue again then you would apply the Lipcote. You would have to keep your lips apart until the Lipcote dries and then you are ready to go.

Thank you for reading, I will see you all very soon
Lots of love 

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