Friday, 10 May 2013

April Favourites

Well hello there bloggers world, as this is my first post I thought I would do a April favourites  as I thought that this would less complicated than another post. Many of these products I have recently purchased and others I have rediscovered due to the warmer weather. In this post there are a number of products that will be making an appearance from make up, body products and hair products.

Benefit - They're Real mascara
I have had this mascara a couple of months, but this month I have really seen its true colours. I don't normally like the 'rubber/plastic type brushes' as i feel that they can be quite harsh on the lashes. But the formula is unlike any other, it lasts all day and doesn't smudge. As I find this a problem especially with my bottom lashes. The packaging makes the product look high end but with out the high end price tag. I have this mascara in shade black

Rimmel - Wake me up foundation
This product has recently crept back into my make up bag, this is a wonderful foundation for the spring/summer months. I loved this foundation during summer 2012 and I believe that I am going to fall in love with this product all over again in 2013. This foundation has been described, to have a Anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow. I believe that this product gives me a radiant glow, the foundation itself is slightly shimmery. Don't worry its only slight so you won't look like a disco ball. As I have a combination to oily skin what ever foundation I use I need to powder my T-zone. This give you a healthy glow and has a SPF of 15 which is brilliant. I have this foundation in shade 103 True ivory, although when I have a better tan I will have to move onto a darker colour. Over all I believe this is a wonderful, it has been ranted and raved about many times and there are many reasons why. This foundation overall is AMAZING. p.s it even is scented which I love. But if you don't like fragranced  products I wouldn't recommend this. This foundation is light to medium coverage it is also quite buildable.

La Roche-Posay - Hydreane Riche
Basically I discovered this brand though another one of their products that has been raved about, its the Effaclar Duo which I thought was wonderful. I was in Boots having a look through their range of products I needed a new daily moisturiser saw this and thought it would be brilliant. I was right it is. This product cost about £14.99 I believe (I might be wrong) this is quite steep but as I got on so well with the Effaclar Duo I thought I'd give it a go. This products indicates that it will help with the hydration of sensitive skin, although I don't have overly sensitive skin I jumped in and bought it anyway. The Hydreane Riche moisturising cream just soaks into my skin. its not greasy at all doesn't hang around on your skin for ages. You can apply make up straight onto it if you are in a rush and I just think its wonderful. 

Lush - Mint Julips (lip scrub)
This product is amazing, you basically put it on your lips and using it as an exfoliator, you exfoliate your lips. This is a brilliant product, I have been using this every morning before I do my make up. The brilliant thing about it is that once done. You can lick the product of your lips. It is a sugar scrub flavoured Mint chocolate. It leaves me with no more dead skin, after using this product I usually follow up by using a lip balm to try and put the moisture back into my lips.

Maybelline New York - Coloursensational Popsticks
I have had my eye on this product for about 4 months, I was shopping with a friend a while ago and I mentioned that I like the look of this product, She went on to tell me that it was 'rubbish' and that it was a waste of money. I was shopping alone about a month ago when I saw this product again, It was on sale. I had to get it, turn out I love it. Its a balm type product but its also gives your lips colour. I absolutely love this I bought this in shade 080 Cherry pop and this colour is amazing on my the colour pay of is brilliant. This has been my go to lip product of April I have used this almost everyday. You can used it as part of a everyday make up look or for going on a night out. I believe that this will be a lip product that will be in my make up bag for most of spring and summer. 

Tangle Teezer - The Original (disco purple)
This hair brush is amazing, i have long hair and brushing it is a nightmare sometimes. After i have washed it, its at its worst. Trying to use any other hairbrush makes me feel as though I am destroying my hair and breaking it. This brush doesn't tug at my hair like others do. It gentle passes through my hair with out damaging or breaking it. After using this brush its hard to use any other. I would really recommend this brush to anyone. Long or short hair this brush will work a treat.

well guys i really hope you enjoy this post, its my first so 
it may need a little adjusting here or there but oh well.
Thanks for reading

P.S If you would like to know any more information about these products don't hesitate to ask.
Also I'm sorry the post is a little late.

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