Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little beauty haul!

Twice in two days you must be lucky!
So I ordered these products about a week ago, I recieved both of the orders this afternoon so I thought i would do a little haul for you all.
I ordered one item from feel unique and the other six products from Superdrug.
Well let's get started.

This is the product that I ordered from Feel Unique, it was packed wonderfully, well as far as packing goes. Basically the product arrived without any damage so that's good.

This product is made by the brand Lavera, I randomly came across this product as I was looking for a new moisturiser. I read all of the reviews on this product they were all good, they basically said that the product works wonders for their skin, which seemed to be the same as mine (combination-oily) reading these made me even more certain and excited about the product. It states that it is organic mint & burdock extract, Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid (for oily skin). Which basically made me buy it, not that I need much persuading to buy anything. The product claims that the Organic mint fluid has a refreshing, soothing and purifying effect and the Organic burdock extract provides a softening and astringent action.
This moisturiser cost me £10.90 with free delivery so I don't think its too bad, as long as it does what it claims. I am rather excited to bring this product into my skin routine.

when I swatched this product if didn't leave my hand feeling greasy, it soaked right into my skin.

These next six products were all bought from Superdrug online store.
Brand: NYC
Product: Colour wheel, mosaic face powder
Shade/colour: Translucent highlight glow
Cost: £3.99
This product caught my eye, mainly because of the low price tag. When I was in high school I always thought that this was a 'rubbish' brand simply because they had really low prices. Now that I have learnt more about make up and the brand. I have realised that good products don't always have to come with the hefty price tag. I needed a highlighter saw this and thought, "I'm going to try some of that brands products" so I bought it. Oh look I'm rambling again. Basically I can't wait to try these products out. I will probably do a review on here about these very soon.
Brand: Miss Sporty
Product: Just clear mascara
Shade: 101 Clear
I basically bought this product to use as a brow gel, to set my eye brows. Simple but effective.

Brand: NYC
Product: Big and Bold curling mascara
Shade: Extra Black
Cost: £3.99
This product I purchased, again because I wanted to look into the brand NYC and their product lines.

Brand: NYC
Product: Individual eyes (brown eyes pallet)
Shade: 945 Midtown Mauve
Cost: £3.99

I saw this product and thought it was a must as I have brown eyes, see what I mean by easily convinced by brands. Can't wait to buy this product this weekend.
Swatches in colour order

Brand: NYC
Product: Smooth skin perfecting primer
Shade: 684
Cost: £3.99

I needed a primer saw this the price tag, the brand and the reviews all drew me in. Very excited to start using this product.

This is the swatch it also claims to be a mattifying product which is perfect for my oily skin

 Brand: Sleek make up
Product: Blush
Shade: Pixie pink 936
Cost: £4.49

Heard so many beauty guru's rave about this brand especially their blushes so I thought I would give them a whirl starting with this beautiful product. When I swatched it the pigmentation looks incredible. Cannot wait to create a perfect look with this blush.

Thank you all so much for reading.
It really means a lot to me
Lot's of love

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