Thursday, 27 June 2013

EOS Lip Balm Review

So I have had this products for about a month now maybe two, I can't totally remember.
Anyway this is going to a short one so I better get started!
 (I took this picture when I received my product a couple of months ago)
This is what the product looks like in it's original packaging, basically i love this product and I am totally gutted that its not a mainstream product in the UK. I bought this product on Amazon I am not 100% on the price but I believe that including P&P it cost me just under £5. Any american reading this will be totally shocked as this product is super cheap in the US. I bought this lip balm in strawberry sorbet and I totally love it. It smells amazing, feels amazing and is amazing. To be honest I think that the packaging is something that pulled me in. Its quite unique we don't really have anything like this in the UK that I can think of. Lip balms normally come in the stereotypical tubes or tins and they are BORING! 
Maybe its because I'm a sucker so all things beautiful but i would defiantly recommend this product to a friend. It has a good stay power obviously you do have to reapply but overall it leaves my lips feeling moisturised and fresh. I love using this before bed because It allows me to wake up with super soft lips.

Thanks for reading
Lot's of love

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