Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Vaseline Spray & Go - Review

When I first saw this product I thought, how lazy but then I bought it and I love it. I am very forgetful and even though I have body moisturisers in my bath room and bedroom I still sometimes forget to apply them. I always cant be bothered to sit there waiting for them to soak into my skin. The thing I love about this product is the convenience it's so quick and easy to use, you just spray it on rub it in and you are done. The scent of this is also lovely and fresh there was a shea butter one also but I just prefer the scent of this one. It feels fresher. This product feels like more of a thin cream to a body butter for example. This is very easy to rub in and it soaks in to your skin a lot quicker than other products as I feel with this you don't over apply. With creams that are in a pot I tend to put too much onto my skin and I end up having to stand there and rub it in for hours (over exaggeration there) but it takes for ever. This Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser is non greasy in scent Aloe Fresh. To spray you hold it 4 inches or 10 cm away from body and spray.

I would recommend this product to anyone as it is amazing. Its been giving my body the drink its needed. You can buy this product from boots for £4.99.
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