Saturday, 1 March 2014


Pancake day is springing up on us, so I thought I would show you how I make a perfect pancake and what I have on top of them (who only has one pancake!).

You will need
To make - 
110 grams of sifted flour
2 free range eggs
200 mls of milk mixed with 75 mls of water
50 grams of butter
Pinch of salt

To serve - 
Golden Syrup
(choice of topping)

Step one - Sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl

Step two - Make a little dent into the middle of the flour mix and crack the eggs into the middle. You will then need to start to whisk the eggs and flour together you will need to ensure that you get all of the flour from around the edge of the bowl.

Step three - Still whisking you will need to start to add the milk and water mix. Keep mixing until all lumps disappear. You will now need to melt the butter. 

Step four - Place 2 Table spoons of the melted butter into the batter mix, and leave the rest to one side for lubricating the pan. You will do this buy using a small amount of grease proof paper to help move the butter around the pan be careful not to burn yourself. 

Step five - you will need to use a frying pan for this you will need to make sure your pan is greased to prevent sticking. Then you will need to put a thin layer of mixture in the pan.

Step six - You will need to let the mixture cook in the pan for about 2 minutes on each side, depending on what setting the hop is on as soon as the mixture is solid, you will need to use a fish slice to flip over the pancake, this will then need to cook on the other side, you will then need to place your pancake onto a plate and wala your pancake is served.

As you can see my pancake on the left flipped wrong and then stuck, there was no way I could have rescued that. But apart from that one the rest were okay.
This was the pancake I broke hence why it doesn't look as nice as my other ones woopsiee, I topped this pancake with Nutella and strawberries

This was possible my favourite and the messiest as the blueberries all fell out and went everywhere.
Topped with fresh blueberries and golden syrup

Orange and sugar my all time favourite this reminds me of when I was a child as I used to have this and lemon all the time. 
Its safe to say that these all filled me up as I couldn't just waste them after writing this post.
I hope this has given you some inspiration for pancake day, thanks for reading lots of love

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