Friday, 10 February 2017

My current favourites

So I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but with moving house it just wasn’t possible. I wanted to put this up at the end of January but now its just the current beauty items I have been loving.

I received this for Christmas from Dan alone with the it’s raining men shower gel. I suffer from really  bad eczema, on my arms, legs and body so he did a little research and found out what were the best things recommended from Lush.
I absolutely love the dream cream, this obviously isn’t great from really raw eczema as for that its best to get something from the doctor. However I have found that using this every evening and throughout the day if I’m feeling a little bit dry. Is working amazingly, I have been using this since Christmas and I’m finally starting to feel as though I’m in control a little more with my eczema. It has really cleared up and I’m loving it.
Its lovely and rich and takes no time at all to hydrate the skin, on the back of the product it states that as it contains oat milk its perfect for helping with Eczema prone skin. With it being a lush product, I wasn’t sceptical to try it what so ever, as you always know they use great ingredients which are always trusted for the skin

As mentioned I received this for Christmas also, I have also been using this a lot. It contains a high percentage of honey, which as you can imagine smells incredible and some how makes you feel like your doing good things for your skin. 

I have recently written a blog post about this as I have been loving it so much. I use this product every night with either a muslin cloth or a flannel to cleanse my skin and remove any make up or dirt. If you haven’t already you need to try this!

Since trying the cleanse and polish and loving it, i decided I had to try more Liz Earle products. One of my friends swears by this moisturiser so I thought i would give it a whirl. I haven’t looked back, this product has completely blown me away. My skin has honestly never felt so good, my skin feels so moisturised I never have any dry patches. Its such as great base before make up as well. I normally apply one pump to my skin in the morning or under make up and just under 2 pumps in the evenings. I really enjoy this product, I feel I need to delve a little deeper into the land of Liz Earle.

I receive this product in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty advent calendar, I have heard so many people talk about this product always wanted to try it. Mixed with my other new skin care favourite this month, I just feel my skin is in a great place at the moment. I use this product 2-3 times a week, by squeezing some product onto a oval cotton pad. I then swipe this over my entire face avoiding my eye and lips. I don’t often get breakouts apart from at my time of the month, but I have noticed they are clearing so much quicker and the scaring isn’t sticking around for long at all!

Zara Femme (perfume)
I love this perfume if you haven’t smelt its you need to try it, luckily my best friends got me another bottle for my birthday so I can now carry one in my handbag and one at home. I do feel like you need to top it up a little throughout the day however, it doesn’t really bother me as the price reflects that.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what my current favourites are, what are you currently loving?

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