Thursday, 24 September 2015

My iPhone captures September

I haven't done one of these In a while, I love sharing my photos as many of the photos I take are taken with my iPhone.

I took my nephew Zachary to meet the beautiful baby Jude, he loved it
Zachary being cheeky after an over night stay with auntie Jade
My family and friends threw me a surprise leaving party, I loved everyone being in the same place. Im just not very good with suprises.
Another photo with my girlies
Me and zachary took a drive (obviously not driving at the time the photo was taken)
 I went to London for the day with my best friend Kirstie to go to my visa appointment, we went into Liberty and got very excited when we saw they had the christmas room open. We drooled over all the beautiful products.

Me and Kirstie
Always pulling the best faces
Dan took me out for the day to play crazy golf, he only did it to get me away from my surprise party!
Another trip out in the car
All the toys in the world and he loves to play with all my old cuddly toys
Me and my mum visited Sprowston Manor Marriot Spa, it was beautiful although we couldn't book a treatment because we weren't very organised :( 

I know it isn't the end of the month yet, but as for the next week I am seeing family to say goodbye before I go away I thought I would do this now and then do something else when I decide ;)
Thanks for reading
Love Jade

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