Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lush Haul

I wasn't going to do this post because It was one of my recent posts, but for those who share my love for Lush I knew you would enjoy it.
I went to London last Tuesday to apply for my visa to work in America (I have written a post about this already) after my appointment me and my friend Kirstie went to the new Oxford Street Lush store. I thought I would do a haul of some of the new bath bombs, some of these I haven't seen before and some are exclusive to  the Oxford Street store.
I love the store its spacious, clean, easy to navigate and welcoming. All the staff were very helpful as they are in most stores. Compared to the store in Norwich where I live which is cramped. To me Its a love hate thing  with the Norwich Lush Store, I love to go in to browse the latest arrivals but walking around the store on a busy Saturday is awful, its like a war to just get to the till, its just overcrowded. Anyway not sure why I just rambled so much here is to the 'LUSH' store!

Milky Bath (Bubble Bar)
I love the scent of this, when I bought It i was obsessed with the scent. To me it smells like fresh sheets or clean washing. I went on to read the description of the product, it states that the bubble bar, contains 'uplifting orange oil and a dose of skimmed milk to treat your skin' the fact that this is a bubble bar is much more exciting knowing you're going to be neck deep in bubbles brings out my inner child.
Yoga Bomb (Bath Bomb)
For me this bomb smells like It would be best enjoyed in a roll top bath in a wooden lodge in the middle of nowhere, It has quite a masculine smell to it. As the description states 'As the mesmerising colours unfurl, woody olibanum and ho wood create an atmosphere of deep relaxation.'
Avobath (Bath Ballistic)
To me this just screams citrus, I have to say I don't really get a huge scent of avocado which I can only assume by the name is what the product is. Don't get me wrong it smells wonderfully uplifting and refreshing. The description doesn't really say a lot about the scents or what the product is made from it does talk about throwing your bath ballistic into a perfect temperature bath and watching it fizz away.
Blackberry Bath Bomb (Bath Ballistic)
imagine you are on a coming home from a long day at work, this to me smells like the ultimate relaxation, its scents are calming but also very vivid. They are easy to distinguish basically just smell amazing. The label states sticking this in the bath and watching it fizz away.
Intergalactic (Bath Bomb)
Well this is the most exciting product, I don't know about you but I love getting a bomb if I know its going to be a visually entertaining. When I walked into Lush I knew I was going to pick this up because I heard it was amazing, as I walked up the stairs towards the bath bombs. There was a lovely gentleman doing demos using these bombs. They looked absolutely incredible, the colours the scents the glitter. Everything I loved, I am so glad I have finally gotten around to writing this blog post because it mean now that I can use all these beauties. 

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