Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

So when the seasons change we all know that what shade you wear on your nails is important, the colour on you nails can brighten up even the dullest outfit. So I thought why not share some of my favourite shades of this Autumn with you all.

1 - BarryM Lychee
 This nail polish is more of a neutral shade for Autumn. This polish is from a brand called BarryM, this is from the Gelly Hi-Shine range that they bought out a couple of months ago in the UK. This is in the shade 328 Lychee. I like this shade because if you were wearing quite a vibrant outfit with multiple autumnal colours you could wear this to ensure that you weren't going over board on the colour front. I personally would say that this is a great transitioning shade between summer and Autumn as it looks great with a tan, but also looks great when your tan sadly starts to fade going into the colder months. You can buy this by clicking this link
 2 - BarryM Watermelon
 The next polish is also from the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine range, I personally love this colour I bought it in the summer time and absolutely fell in love its a deep green colour which goes by the name of 234 Watermelon. In the summer I  used this colour as a accent colour on my ring finger. But now that the colder months are here I love wearing it on all my nails. I love the shade and the colour pay of is brilliant, I would definitely recommend buying from the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine range as the polishes them selves are only a brilliant £3.99 which I personally think is a fantastic price. You can buy this by clicking this link
3- TopShop Rumours&Lies
 This nail polish was a must have for me I only bought it a couple of weeks ago but since then I have worn it on my nails 80% of the time. This is a nail polish that I bought from TopShop its called Rumours&Lies. This is the perfeccct Autumnal shade and I love it. Its such an easy colour to wear and I believe it would look fantastic on anyone. The TopShop nail polishes last very well and hardly chip if used with a base and top coat. You can buy this by clicking this link.
4 - Essie Penny Talk
 I received this next nail polish a couple of months ago in a Glossy Box and I just couldn't wait to wear it, I did wear it throughout the summer months but, always thought that it was more of a Autumnal shade. This is a nail polish from Essie, in shade 216a Penny Talk. This colour looks a little rose gold, so I was very excited as I love rose gold. Like Essie nail polishes are as always this is brilliant, wonderful colour pay of and very long lasting. If you haven't tried a polish from the brand before I would certainly recommend that you do so. They are a little more expensive that the like of BarryM But they are definitely worth it. You can buy this product by click this link.
5 - Topshop Awol
 This is another TopShop nail polish as you can probably tell I love nail polishes from I have also done a review on TopShop nail polishes in the past so if you would like to read more then check it out. This shade has been a favourite of mine throughout the summer months and although its probably not a Autumnal shade I love it. So I'm going to make it mine, I have seen a lot of this colour on the catwalk at LFW so It cant be all that bad. This is the shade Awol, I think that this nail polish has the potential to brighten up any outfit. You can buy this product by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I would love to hear what your favourite Autumn/Fall shades are,
Thanks for reading
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  1. love the topshop colour, such a nice shade of blue

    1. I know Its such a perfect all round colour, perfect for summer and winter. xx