Thursday, 1 August 2013

20 Things That Make Me Smile

So I got tagged in the post by and originally this was the 50 things that make me smile, yes there probably are 50 things that I smile could smile about. But I don't want to end up writing millions of things that aren't really that relevant to me.

I have been writing these for a couple of days because I didn't want to think of everything and have a bit of a mishmash.

1 - Cookies (espically millies cookies)
2 - My glitter 'converse'
3 - Friendly people
4- Arriving early for something
5 - Bright colours 
6 - Finding a make up product in my collection that I forgot about.
7 - spending quality time with my family
8 - London, I just love the city
9 - Other people smiling
10 - completing and getting feed back on blogposts
11 - Fruit smoothies
12 - Starbucks
13 - Dancing like a crazy person
14 - Being independent
15 - Making lists
16 - Exploring new places
17 - Putting outfits together
18 - spending time on my make up (when I'm not late)
19 - Music especially the old stuff from the 90's and 00'
20 - Packing (because it generally means holiday)

Thank you for reading.
Sorry I made it so short!
Lots of love

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